Email Verification

We bring you clean, valid and updated email list. Our email verification services take the guesswork out of your email marketing campaign irrespective of its scope and size. We ensure that your email list is free of any error, or typos. A complete and error-free email list is the guarantee of a successful email marketing campaign and we help you with it! Try Our Email Verification Solution!


Email Verification

The stepping stone to a successful email marketing campaign is email verification. Emails are the front line in any B2B or B2C segment, a mode of communication for 5.6 billion people to exchange information and message, and unfortunately, which you are missing out on because your emails are either hitting the ‘junk’ folder or bouncing off.

We verify email addresses for businesses and give them the most accurate email lists to build their business on. It is critical to pay attention to your email marketing strategy beyond the usual metrics such as CTR, open rates and conversion rates. As a decision-maker, you need to have a hard look at the deliverability of your emails and email list verification. If the bounce rate is higher than the average, it is time to try our email verification solution.

We remove and repair all typos, errors and invalid addresses in your B2B / B2C email list to increase the conversion rate as well as reduce the bounce rate.

How Does Email Verification Work?

There are a number of techniques that can validate an email address. At Wahdata, we believe in the power of sharing our knowledge which we have accumulated from the years of research and hard work.  Therefore, here we share how we verify emails and furnish only the authentic email addresses:

Acquiring the Email list from the client

We acquire the email list from our clients for validating and verifying. Clients can also give access to their CRM software and we extract the email list from it.

Verifying the Email Addresses

We now verify the email addresses by deploying our authentic algorithms that work quite well with the internal database. After a successful run of the algorithm, the invalid email addresses automatically filters out and only the valid email addresses remain.

Submit verified emails to the clients

Our final product is a clean and verified email list just ready to be converted into a successful email marketing campaign.




Remove invalid, fake and dead emails from your email list now. Our Email Verification is a one-stop solution for removing all the inconsistencies from your email lists. We help you make sure that your hard-earned money does not get wasted on a failed email marketing technique.


We can verify email lists on-the-go. We have an extensive algorithm for removing bad emails as quickly as possible. We later follow it with a round of automatic bounce removal software. We don’t neglect any anomalies and still able to deliver results quickly with the support of several automated systems backing us.


With all the bad emails removed from the email list, you have a highly convertible email list at your disposal! A game-changer and a sure-shot winner that delivers enviable email marketing results-something that your competitors only daydream about- a successful email marketing campaign with minimum bounce rate, better CTR, and high ROI.


Verify your Email List and begin your Cold Campaigns now


You need to verify your email list to free it from invalid emails, spam traps and other negative factors that are keeping you from achieving the desired marketing goal. You can trust Wahdata to remove all the inconsistencies from your email lists. Wahadata mail offers you a complete all-in-one email sending platform that will clean and verify your cold list, and let you build and optimize effective outbound campaigns.

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We verify 1000s of emails Daily.

Email is the first point of communication with your customers, reach only to the right ones.