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We provide our clients with most accurate email list solutions.

Trusted by businesses all over the world for email verification.


‘Wah’ is used to express sensational success, which we aspire to bring to your email data. We are here to make it wow-worthy. We ensure that your email marketing campaign relies on the perfect and most practical email verification solution and not trial and error. The most important thing we do is to help you reach out to your customers. We ensure that your mailing list is free of any misspelt, incorrect and invalid email. And yes, we also keep your emails out of the junk folders. We protect the sender’s reputation by reducing the bounce rate.

If you don’t know if your emails are landing in the ‘inbox’ of your targeted group or you, want to ensure that you are talking to a real individual, want to boost the engagement rates and not want to end up in a disposable email address- you need us!

With over eight years of experience as an email data validation and email verification company, we aim to bring together disparate sets of online, offline and observational customer data. Our expert team of data engineers and scientists help us to address the issues within large volumes of data while upholding the security demands, quality and maintaining the timelines.

Why Choose us

As we told, we verify emails, and we don’t let you send dirty emails ever again. Emails that are the first line of communication in any B2B or B2C segment, emails that 5.6 billion people are using and you are missing out because your emails are either hitting the ‘junk’ folder or bouncing off.

Competitive Pricing

You are going to love how budget-friendly yet quality-conscious we are!. We respect your business’ exclusivity and offer tailor-made solutions for your unique business needs and challenges.Should you have any question, query or issues, you can reach out to us here.

Accurate Matching Algorithms

The depth and accuracy of the data offered are unparalleled. We validate every ISP accurately and embrace a four-step approach (data cleansing, spam traps removal, e-mail appending and real-time email validation) to give you nothing but the accurate and the best of data that gives you action-based insights. The data batches are removed with a valid reasoning and detailed breakdown to help the business leaders understand the process.
True Self-Service Model

At the very core of our email validation services, lies a highly efficient and bespoke self-service model that is easy to integrate and access. This plug-n-play model is easy to work, and once the account is activated, it can run, work and process large data batches. Just upload, select appending criteria and you are good-to-go! This is not it! The first batch up to 5,000 emails is verified and scanned for FREE per Month!

Boost ROI of your Business

Sending bad emails is costly for your business. With our email validation system, you can reach inbox every time you hit the ‘send’ button. When your mailing list is free of any misspelt, incorrect and invalid email and business communication stays out of junk folders, you make real customers that bring business and value. Accurate email addresses mean increased deliverability, lower bounce rate and of course, enhanced performance of email marketing campaigns.  

Our Mission

​We aim to help your business grow by protecting your reputation and bring value to your business.

Our Values

We struggled to find a better way to verify emails and ultimately reach the inbox for our customers.


Nothing comes a close second to us. We keep the data clean by proactively checking the batch on a rolling schedule.


Your data stays safe with us. We never share, sold or rent the data. It is stored in secure, state-of-the-art data centres and the data you share is deleted after thirty days or whenever you request. Our customer support is always there to help you out.  


Each business is unique, and we have made sure that our email verification packages are too!

If your business, online or offline sends mass emails to the customers, you are going to need us! Make your emailing list deliverable, valid and accurate with our email validation solution and improve ROI as well as email marketing results!

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Email is the first point of communication with your customers, reach only to the right ones.