E-mail selling is still relevant. However, it is certainly not the old, boring text-filled scroll anymore. Emails went through a makeover, and they are now interactive.


Be it a startup or a traditional corporate group; every business is trying its hands at digital marketing, wanting to jump on this ship called email 2.0. Martech Advisor claims that interactive email content increases the CTR rates by seventy-three per cent whereas adding videos to the email boosts the clicks by a whopping 300 per cent!


However, first things first.


What is an interactive email?



Interactive email



As the name suggests, interactive content in an email prompts the users to engage with it and participate so that they can access the wholesome experience. It could be a swipe, a tap, or watching a video even. For an e-mail, it has been a long journey from a scroll to tap. It played hide and seek, took a lot of time to catch up while the rest of the content went on to become micro-moments or even skyscraper.


How can you create interactive e-mails?


interactive emails


The component of emails could be a GIF, video, a slideshow or tap. An Interactive Email Survey suggests that customers want nothing to do with traditional emails. They don’t want information. They are looking for infotainment, and interactive e-mails just hit the spot.


Interactive content in emails requires the users to take action to access the information, making them a lively partner in the act. It boosts their sense of importance and makes them a part of the brand. And this is why when you send an interactive email; you enhance the conversion rates by more than two times.


Interactive content is more engaging and enticing. The clever use of images and videos make them respond to emails more. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more than ninety-one per cent of B2B customers prefer interactive and visually appealing content over the static emails.  As per this survey, sixty-nine per cent of users prefer GIFs, sixty-five per cent like videos and eighty-two per cent prefer to have any visual element in their emails.


Why should you have interactive emails for your business?


  • Customers don’t want brands to be boring anymore. They are more likely to get engaged with a brand that is fun, inspirational and interesting.
  • It is the age of infotainment. Even a serious subject can be approached in a creative and non-preachy manner.
  • Customers don’t want to die out of sheer boredom. Making information fun and interesting can turn them into a loyal audience.

 interactive emails for your business


Best Practices of Sending Interactive Emails:


Making the transition from static to interactive emails can be a bit tricky. And it is a complicated process and quite contrary to “popular belief” is much more than just adding GIFs and memes to an email. So, while you are making this move, ensure that you follow these tips and get them right. · Animate only when necessary. Large animations mean heavy files that can take forever to load, leading to customers’ frustration and shutting off. Edit your videos brutally. Make them shorter and crispier. You can hyperlink the videos with GIFs or videos in the mail to reduce the loading time.   Best Practices of Sending Interactive Emails


An e-mail marketing campaign thrives on customers’ data. If you are aiming for personalisation, you may need certain attributes such as gender, income group, interests, and so on. An email appending services provider will ensure that the data is accurate and verified. Or else, an email marketing campaign can result in a higher number of ‘unsubscribe’ or complaints. Your emails must land in the right inboxes and reach out to the customers they are intended to.


How to ensure the success of interactive emails?


How to ensure the success of interactive emails


The first step that businesses can take to ensure the success of interactive emails is to keep their email list devoid of any errors and updated. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, email data scrubbing is a non-negotiable parameter.  Verified and accurate email database is vital to run a successful email marketing campaign.


There will be four billion e-mail users by the end of 2020. Businesses would like to take advantage of nudging them into doing business with them. However, to make it happen, customers have to open their mails, for; the average open rate across all verticals is just 20.81 per cent. In the absence of a verified customer database, the inexpensive email marketing campaign and its vast reach can be severely underutilised. Otherwise, even a static email can hurt a sender’s reputation and can be added to a blacklist and CAN-SPAM database.


Since e-mail list verification can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task, it is recommended to hire an email verification service provider.  Besides, businesses need to take creative and business decisions to drive email engagement.


If you want to know how you can amaze your clients with interactive emails and ensure brand visibility, read on! We share four steps that can help you stay on track with email marketing and delight your customers!


1.    Surprise your customers (Don’t)


Can we please get away with desperately trying to be out of the box? Do it, but only when it is needed. Sometimes, staying in the box can be surprisingly unique and satisfying. Most customers want coupons, some deals and exclusive discounts in the emails but maybe not in a run-of-the-mill manner. So, pique their interest in the most traditional sense but a most delightful manner. Use videos, GIFs, memes and pop culture references, use a less formal approach and more conversational tone with your customers.  But don’t overdo it! Use them where they are needed. Using a bunch of animations and memes just for the sake of it can make the customers want to poke their eyes.


 2.   A Synergy of Personalisation and Interactive Experience


Personalising emails can go a long way in establishing a brand voice, especially when a business wants to create a loyal customer base. Personalisation of communication can be achieved when you have verified information of location, gender, age, interests, buying preferences and other attributes of customers. Email data validation services can help you keep these attributes in check and create compelling campaigns with an accurate reach out. When businesses have real data to back on, they can derive real actionable insights to make business decisions.


3.    Put sales on the backburner


There is no need to worry about rankings, sales and conversion if the content matches customers’ intent. Once you have hit the KPIs like brand awareness and customers’ reliability, rest will follow.  The first objective of an email marketing campaign is to let people know and establish you as a subject matter expert. You can get far more CTRs and engagement without being sales-y and thrusting your products in their faces while you can still redirect them to a blog or your website that talks about you.


4.     Make it about customers


Ask yourself: What value does your business bring to the customers? How can your business or brand create a difference in their life? It is time to do some lateral thinking and be creative.


Ask your customers if they are confident using your product or services?  Ask for their feedback. Send survey emails and ask them what features they are looking in a product. 


You can’t compel a customer to like your content or open your emails, but you can be smart about it. Open the communication lines with your customers and make it a two-way street. One of the best examples of interactive campaigns would be the New York Times’ Is it Better to Rent or Buy. It urged people to find out their best housing option while gaining an insight into their mind – through sheer entertainment.







Your customer’s e-mail inbox is crammed with businesses vying for attention. In the U.S. alone, at 1.4 million emails are being sent per month, and if you want to stand out amidst the crowd of ‘Me-too’, interactive email is the way to go.  Interactive emailers and content can prompt the curiosity of customers and increase engagement levels. Interactive content is the way to go in 2020 and is here to stay.  


As companies move on from mass marketing and bulk email marketing campaigns, interactive emails pave the way to personalisation and infotainment.  Since buyers are also making a beeline for a fun, interesting and entertaining way to information, is your business ready to meet their demands? If a business would like to achieve the objectives of email marketing, such as improved engagement metrics and ROI – it needs to ensure that the email list verification has taken place.