Email Data Validation

The best way to ensure that your emails land in the lead’s inbox! Are you looking for a great email marketing campaign? Is the high bounce rate keeping you away from reaching your customers? Are you looking for a way to combat the high bounce rate problem? Try our Email Data Validation solution.

Clean data from your CRM or email marketing platforms


Email Address Validation

Email address validation provides full-fledged information about the email addresses and checks its validity across all the possible platforms. If you have 100% verified email addresses, you can certainly excel at your email marketing campaign. It clears away all the invalid email addresses that can result in high bounce rate. Email Address Validation also improves your Sender reputation since it curbs down the bounce rate. May be this service is the much awaited kick needed for your business. Verify Emails now.

​Real-time email validation

Verify email addresses in a flash. What if we tell you that all of this is available in real-time? Get up and running with our email verification tools in no time! Real-time email validation prevents invalid emails from entering the system and block fake email IDs or abuse addresses from signing up with the business. The perfect solution for B2B lead generation systems such as web forms, landing pages, shopping carts, web applications and call centres! Besides, it keeps the data clean by proactively checking the batch on a rolling schedule. 

Our Features

Remove or Isolate Duplicates

Identify  SMTP Server

Additional Insight

Identify Addresses

Identify Free Email Hosts

Email Network Notification

Identify FQDN

Identify Role Accounts

Identify TLD

Identify Domain

Identify Valid DNS Records

Identify Host

Identify Bad Syntax

Identify MX Records

Identify Alias

Identify Subdomain



When you have verified email addresses verification in real time, the deliverability of your sales, marketing and customer service efforts skyrockets. You can therefore enjoy high response rates and conversions.


When you have the 100% verified email addresses you can use it to make empowering and accurate decisions. You can gather stats, devise a marketing strategy or an email campaign with the help of Email Address Validation service.


Enjoy high conversion rates with the right set of email addresses. You can have the most satisfying career when your leads are actually converting into sales. All you need to do is get your email addresses verified with the help of our email address validation service.  


Imagine a situation when you have the exact information about all your customers. Will you not use it to improve your customer service? Well, quite obviously you will. Therefore, Email address validation will help you achieve unbeatable customer service.


By maintaining the customer list which is highly accurate, you can save a lot of money otherwise wasted on failed marketing strategies. You can also curb down your CRM costs by maintaining only what’s necessary. Thus, email validation service will help you to achieve a ‘Clean CRM


Capturing real email addresses is not an easy task especially when there are so many Spam Traps and Abuse emails in the market. Abuse accounts are not real and they mark your emails as spam to tarnish your reputation. Email Address Validation helps you avoid Spam Traps and Abuse accounts.  

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Email is the first point of communication with your customers, reach only to the right ones.